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August isn’t over yet

I did hear somebody going on my bed, not sure if it was reality or the dream. Then I dreamed about two very different dogs on my bed sleeping with me. No idea who one of the dogs was. According to the dream, I think a dog my nephew knew in a previous life, and […]

Published on: 26 August
Posted by: Tom

Monitor woke itself up

That hasn’t happened for some time. Don’t ask me why. I don’t see anybody by the computer, when I notice the monitor woke up. I was either watching TV, or playing the Xbox, or was it the Steam Deck? Well I was in the recliner. Can’t tell you if it’s paranormal or not. Could be […]

Published on: 14 August
Posted by: Tom

That was most likely the sleep thing

I forgot what it’s called, but you can wake up and see and/or hear things that aren’t really there. Felt like two or more creatures were on my bed by me, but the longer I was awake, the feeling went away. So if that sleep thing can make you feel stuff that isn’t there, that’s […]

Published on: 10 August
Posted by: Tom