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Bug, reflection?

Zooming in won’t help you, with the low resolution. Maybe I should setup my actual camera on a tripod, to take photos every five seconds. But you can’t officially plug it in, so the battery will die. But look at the boot, looks like it’s reflecting whatever is on the end table thing. The photo […]

Published on: 20 September
Posted by: Tom

Motion activated light turning on 9-9-22 6:59 AM

It’s easy to turn on though, so a bug could have possibly turned it on. I was sleeping. Might be the first time, that light has been recorded turning on by itself, where it currently is. Used to all the time when on the fridge. But the fridge might have been vibrating and turning it […]

Published on: 9 September
Posted by: Tom

Monitor woke itself up on 9/4/22 at 4:01 AM

Don’t ask me why. Could be anything, a bug could have been on the keyboard. Somebody you can’t see is possible too. I was sleeping, so it wasn’t me.

Published on: 4 September
Posted by: Tom

Perhaps one reason nothing happened on the anniversary of Tonka dying this year

I refuse to let go. Well, I might be starting to let go. But probably only because nothing seems to be happening. That is doesn’t feel like somebody is by me in bed. So perhaps I won’t be crying till I’m dead after all. Now stuff is possibly happening, the monitor likes waking itself up. […]

Published on: 2 September
Posted by: Tom