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2-28-23 01.34.27-01.34

Video It does fade away/disappear like dust. Funky looking dust, if it’s dust. Almost looks like something riding on top of part of it.

Published on: 28 February
Posted by: Tom

2-24-23 06.35.04-06.35.23

Video You’ll have to download to play it, it’s H265. Seems a little too bright to be dust, and seems to go too far. Don’t know if I’ve ever seen any airborne stuff in here travel like that. I have seen plenty of airborne stuff though. And if it’s far away, probably not dust. Too […]

Published on: 24 February
Posted by: Tom

2-23-23 #2

The video was edited, to cut before that shows up, as there isn’t anything before that to look at. And to add the watermark. And I should have cut the ending too. The file size might have been even smaller if I cut the ending too. If I didn’t cut most of before it shows […]

Published on: 23 February
Posted by: Tom


As you can see, the night vision on the new camera is worse. It has higher resolution, but otherwise, it’s probably worse then the old cheaper camera. Not sure why Amcrest did that.

Published on: 23 February
Posted by: Tom


Instead of making a title, I’ll use the date from now on. Dust? Bug? Who knows. I wasn’t here, so didn’t see it with my own eyes. Looks far away. Increased brightness some more on new camera, might be why it’s recording not much. Not sure that would have allowed it to record that though, […]

Published on: 22 February
Posted by: Tom

That’s enough proof for me

Nothing has been waking itself up, like my monitor, or the Steam Deck. That’s enough proof for me, that it’s unexplainable. Explainable, it wouldn’t have just stopped by itself. Now how do I get them to come back? Might not have actually been that long since stuff stopped waking itself up. But that’s too long. […]

Published on: 15 February
Posted by: Tom

Changing the host, probably a mistake

My other site may never be restored, as still no response to my ticket, 6+ hours. The email didn’t tell me anything about it, and none of their sites seem to say anything. Oh and they use PHP that doesn’t get security updates. I could ask for a newer PHP, but that’ll take 6+ hours […]

Published on: 10 February
Posted by: Tom

Looks like I need to switch to my Mac mini when I’m not using the computer

Apparently there’s no official way to disable mouse movement from waking up the monitor. If using X11 in Linux. I could use Wayland, but who knows if that’s stable enough yet, and don’t know if you can prevent mouse movement from waking up the monitor using Wayland either. If loud ass shit outside is vibrating […]

Published on: 2 February
Posted by: Tom

Ahh, proof of the soul, won’t get universal light either

If what that says is true, there’s your proof. Not that it’ll do any good. Universal light probably won’t happen. Depression might try to convince you not to believe. I won’t waste my time trying to get humans to believe anything. The monitor got woke up like two times while gone today. One video, it […]

Published on: 1 February
Posted by: Tom