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How are you an individual conscious being, if it’s a shared consciousness?

You are sharing the same thing, you aren’t conscious without whatever the shared consciousness is. The Earthfiles, lady said an individual conscious being. She doesn’t study near death experiences? Or by individual, does she mean the entire human species? God said to somebody that died, that it’s a shared consciousness. I believe them more then […]

Published on: 29 March
Posted by: Tom

A Hybrid’s story E-Book by Kate Thorvaldsen

Finally bought that book. I hoard eBooks, don’t read em though. I bought it from the Author, here. Says it can take up to 24 hours to receive the eBook. You can’t buy the eBook anywhere else I guess. Does it have DRM? No idea. I also bought Chariots of the Gods 50th Anniversary Edition […]

Published on: 29 March
Posted by: Tom

Did that actually trigger my Steam Deck waking itself up?

Light crying about the dead dogs I grew up with. Light crying, as I didn’t cry very long. But I predicted something would wake up after crying. No bug woke the Steam Deck up, you can’t see any bug on the video. Even though a spider may have moved in. Now a spider could wake […]

Published on: 27 March
Posted by: Tom

5:49:48 PM, monitor woke itself up

That hasn’t happened for a long time. Usually is the Steam Deck that wakes up. Guess HomeKit was working tonight, I got a notification when it woke up. Think I looked at it on my watch, looked like it was awake, when I returned, I checked the recordings, and it did wake up. The software […]

Published on: 23 March
Posted by: Tom

Reincarnation might not be all bad

Sounds like it doesn’t happen instantly. But if the time is backwards where you go when you die, does that mean you reincarnate before your last life? No idea, don’t think the times are linked. Heaven has no time. So if you go there, I guess you aren’t coming back here. Humans may go extinct […]

Published on: 22 March
Posted by: Tom

How could giants have sex with humans?

If you look at the artwork or whatever, they are holding adult humans in their hands. How will their giant cock fit in a human pussy? And why does Ancient Aliens really not want God to exist? No God makes no sense. Multiple dimensions, lots of life, humans still exist somehow. Now do those giants […]

Published on: 17 March
Posted by: Tom

A New Science of Heaven

Bought that book from, I wanted the eBook, not on Amazon, or I couldn’t find the eBook on Amazon. The news site is useless for books, at least some books, and I wonder if you search for “A New Science of Heaven” instead of “A New Science of Heaven: How the new science of […]

Published on: 16 March
Posted by: Tom

Bluetooth isn’t the reason Steam Deck wakes up

Well, dmesg will tell you if something connected by Bluetooth. But I disabled Bluetooth, just to see, and it woke itself up again. The only last thing to test, is if the internet is the cause, like a hacker. But it needs internet to download game updates, so I probably won’t test that. But if […]

Published on: 15 March
Posted by: Tom

Perhaps don’t watch the latest Earthfiles

Perhaps humans aren’t ready to know we were meant to be slaves. But then again, that could be misinformation. There’s no way to know if anything she says is true. But people being killed for talking about stuff is BS. Like from the last Ancient Aliens, apparently a guy remote viewed an Alien/human base, and […]

Published on: 8 March
Posted by: Tom

Most of the videos are dust

If it fades out on camera, it’s probably dust. And that UFO dust, must land on the ceiling. That is if you are judging where it’s going by what you see. Might just be close and going off camera. So tiny dust looks huge close to the camera I guess. Enjoy the dust videos, I’m […]

Published on: 1 March
Posted by: Tom