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Wasn’t expecting that

Monitor woke up for an unknown reason at 8:06 PM. I was in the other room making my bed, so I didn’t wake it up. Tonka liked when the bedding was washed, she’d get on the bed afterwards. I washed the bedding at my mom’s. One blanket is still over there, but don’t need any […]

Published on: 29 May
Posted by: Tom

Shared consciousness, so everybody is talking to themselves

They can think and say anything you can. So you might as well go in a padded room, and talk to yourself for the rest of your days. Nobody can have a different idea, anybody can get the same idea. And I think Earthfiles is only about animal mutilations now, probably not worth watching anymore. […]

Published on: 24 May
Posted by: Tom

That light looked blue to me on The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch

The video they showed of it, or the frame, that looked blue to me. Is my TV broken? Or is their camera broken? Or the internet stream is broken. Going to check video on my computer, and then use the picker tool to see what color it is. Still looks blue. And the monitor may […]

Published on: 23 May
Posted by: Tom

What or who was above my head?

Looks like it or they is above my head. The video, doesn’t exactly look like that image though. I haven’t noticed the camera recording “dust” since moving it until today. But I don’t watch all the videos, I just look at the images. I could look at old recordings and see if anything was recorded. […]

Published on: 18 May
Posted by: Tom

Did Skinwalker Ranch prove there’s a government cover up on Aliens?

Or just that the military is interested and has no comment when an attorney general of a state asks them about the surveillance they are doing on the ranch? Does the military have the power to do that in a state? If not, that gives credibility to the UFO/Alien cover up. Also, Roswell makes it […]

Published on: 9 May
Posted by: Tom

The Steam Deck didn’t wake up for days

Think it was three days. Finally woke itself up today. When I wasn’t home. I did get a notification though. Now the question is, who is waking it up? Seems odd for a software thing, as you’d think it would wake up everyday in that case. I could turn it off, but then I won’t […]

Published on: 5 May
Posted by: Tom

Bought Anzar the Progenitor

Just like I said I was going to. I may or may not read it though, I collect books. eBooks that is. And the Mac mini is useful for one thing, managing my eBooks on my Kindle. I remove DRM before putting it on my Kindle. That way I have the book forever. Well, except […]

Published on: 1 May
Posted by: Tom