August isn’t over yet

I did hear somebody going on my bed, not sure if it was reality or the dream. Then I dreamed about two very different dogs on my bed sleeping with me. No idea who one of the dogs was. According to the dream, I think a dog my nephew knew in a previous life, and 30,000 or so years ago.

They were kind of like a wild dog, as they were slightly aggressive. Towards people and other dogs. Possibly even me, but they wanted to sleep by me anyways. Odd dream.

Was the dog a pit bull? Phil wasn’t aggressive towards people, well not if my sister was home. He was growling or something at Tonka, the last time I was at her house. Well, that house isn’t her house anymore. And she moved out of the house she was in. Lots of people at my mom’s now.

The haunting could have started back up, the monitor just woke itself up again today. If it isn’t a vibration, then perhaps it’s a haunting. Or maybe the new kernel has issues. I should see if the Mac mini does the same thing. It did in the past.

And why doesn’t the monitor wake itself up when sleeping? At least, there’s no image of it doing so.

The haunting could have picked up because two people at my mom’s have COVID. Need to look at my finger in light, can’t tell what’s on it, a rash, dry skin, blood, poop, no idea.

If it’s a rash, I might have gotten monkey pox or whatever it’s called. Probably because I accidentally cut myself two times with my knife while cutting meat for beef jerky. One cut is healing fast though.

I got an elevated heart rate, so I might have something. Would be kind of funny if I caught monkey pox, but not COVID.

And she said I won’t catch monkey pox. I randomly catch lots of stuff, just not COVID. If it involves puking, I’ll probably catch it. Apparently I love puking.

No monkey pox. Don’t know what was on finger, but fingernail got it off.

Published on: 26 August
Posted by: Tom