Bugs are conscious, in case you are wondering

A big ass flying bug, came into the living room, over the table, and flew all erratic. There’s one on the monitor now too. Same one? No idea.

But that video that I shared, is a bug, as apparently some flying bugs fly erratically.

And the proof of spirits being recorded, is most likely a bug as well.

There’s no proof of spirits on this site, just bugs.

Why the fuck did the bug come into the living room, and fly erratically in front of me?

Now I don’t know if I should do anything about bugs in here, maybe just let em be. But I don’t want the bug on my monitor. That might have worked, blew on the fly, not on monitor anymore. And back on monitor.

The bug seemed to be fully aware of me, and what I am. I might just be nuts though. Either way, let bugs live. Until you get sick of them on your monitor.

The only thing that could be unexplained, is the monitor waking up, hasn’t happened recently though. Could be a hacker.

Why did the bug stay in that area all morning? I see no point in doing that. And why does it fly like it wants to be recorded? Like in the proof video.

Maybe the fly is reading my monitor. Or testing me, to see if I kill them. I’d have to get a paper towel, and it leaves stuff on the monitor. So maybe I’ll let them die without me doing anything. That’s probably why they are on the monitor. They might have left the monitor again.

I might stop going over my security camera footage that is recorded while sleeping. It took a long ass time today, because a fucking bug decided it wanted to be recorded all morning.

Too bad I don’t know where they hide during the day, then I could collect em, and put them outside. Since I can’t kill bugs anymore, at least not knowingly.

It’s like the bug was telling me, that’s what the camera recorded all morning. Perhaps they aren’t getting what they need to live, and are dying, so acting crazy. What do you call an insect vet? Somebody should take em there, and put em out of their misery, humanly.

Then again, perhaps somebody or something is controlling the fly.

I’ll wait to share anything, until it’s not a bug, so this site may now be dead.

I would have known everything was a bug, if I knew flies or whatever it is, flew erratically. I’m not educated on how bugs fly.

Published on: 11 July
Posted by: Tom