Is my oven broken?

At 6 AM, or a little after 6 AM, the timer on the oven went off. Heard beeping, wasn’t sure what it was. I did notice yesterday, that the time was completely wrong on the oven. Thought there was a power outage, but the computer never shutdown.

Well, I turned the timer off, and fixed the time. Then went back to bed. But then got back up to go to the bathroom, and the time changed itself again. Fixed it again, and it hasn’t changed again yet.

Perhaps a spirit is messing with the oven now. The oven might have it’s own switch on the power breaker thing, so I could turn it completely off. Unplugging it would be a pain.

Oh and I went back to bed a little before 8 AM, and at some point, felt like somebody was by me in bed. I usually stay in bed longer, if that happens, I don’t want the feeling to go away. Looks like Tonka is still here, or visiting me sometimes. That’s what happens when there’s a ton of love between two creatures. They don’t have to be the same species.

I was looking a the security camera footage, that’s why I didn’t go back to bed right after going to the bathroom. The camera can’t see the screen on the oven.

Nope, oven isn’t broken, and no spirit was messing with it. I most likely didn’t turn the timer off, probably just changed the timer to the actual time, which would explain why the time went down after I got back up.

I did the same thing after using the oven tonight, didn’t turn the timer off, just clicked off, which turns the oven off, not the timer. You have to click the timer button to turn the timer on or off. I did notice while I was turning it off, wondering why the timer wasn’t turning off. It does say by the timer button, on and off.

Published on: 9 June
Posted by: Tom