Might not be a bug that it was recording

Not a spirit either. Dust, or a cobweb. There was something hanging off the camera, I was inspecting it to see if something is on it.

That’s the problem with not dusting. It’s super hard to see with the lights on.

It was on the side of it, so might look like it’s on that wall on the camera.

The reason it never goes to a different wall. And stays in the same area. And camera should be back how it was.

You have to look at like an angle to see that cobweb or dust. No idea where it went. Might have just fallen on the shelf. I tried getting it with a paper towel.

So with any luck, it shouldn’t record that tonight/tomorrow morning.

Does that mean all that it records is dust? Hard to believe it can see dust farther away. I tried with a pillow, it didn’t see the dust. And that proof video, doesn’t make sense. That could be a bug, or the same cobweb I suppose.

Maybe in that case, it’ll record nothing while sleeping. That’s fine with me.

And that proof video probably isn’t dust. If you compare to the possible bug video, which is most likely dust or a cobweb, they don’t look the same. The proof video could be an angry fly. Look how much more solid the proof video whatever is. What do flies look like on IR? It’s not very big, whatever it is. Well, sometimes it looks longer, if you pause the video at the right time.

Maybe it is a spirit. Most of the videos are dust though. So there’s one video, that is either a mad fly, or a spirit. Take your pick. I’ll just continue not knowing what it is.

Published on: 12 July
Posted by: Tom