Olympus WS-852

Bought that recorder today, the box says Olympus if I recall correctly. But it’s OM Digital Solutions now. It came with batteries, I bought from Target. I think on Amazon it doesn’t come with batteries.

It’s currently in normal mode.

I was hoping it didn’t come with batteries, so I could find out if rechargeable batteries work in it. No worries, I can use the batteries it came with in my blood oxygen and heart rate thing. The batteries died in that, and it doesn’t work with rechargeable batteries. It’s one of those things you put on your finger. How many batteries does it use? And you can access it from Linux. Probably works on pretty much everything. Just plugged it in by USB.

I do have a card reader I could also use, I put a micro SD card in it. Hmm, you must have to do something to save the recording. No I didn’t look at the instructions. No, I think USB only shows the internal space, could look reading the screen when it’s upside down, and the computer is on the floor. Looks like a card reader it is.

Yes it works with rechargeable batteries, at least if neither of them are dead. One of the Tenergy batteries is dead, so tried some Eneloops, and the Eneloops work. Put the batteries that didn’t work on charger, one has volts, the other isn’t detected. It might get detected after sitting on it long enough. They are most likely Sanyo Eneloops, I don’t think I have any Panasonic ones.

Both batteries are charging now. Good, as I think most of my triple A batteries are Tenergy. I wonder how long ago I recharged all of my batteries. Apparently too long for Tenergy. I think I did when I got the battery case thing.

You have to reset the time after changing batteries.

Oh and it’s cheap, not heavy duty metal, it’s light and plastic. What do you expect for $40? If you want heavy duty, pay $100+. I might eventually. Now to copy the burp to my computer, and provide an audio sample, with the built in microphone. I should plug the microphone in first, so I can compare em. I think the microphone I have is only mono though, the recorder might be stereo, cheaper then Sony for stereo.

For a microphone, you have to use the non smartphone cable. The cable for cameras. But using that microphone with it, wouldn’t work too well. Maybe if you have a microphone stand for it. And the micro SD doesn’t show up in Dolphin to mount it. It’s a FAT32 partition, so no idea why not.

I manually mounted it with sudo mount /dev/sdl1 /mnt/voice_recorder/ -t vfat.

The MP3 file says it’s stereo on my microphone. Think it says mono if I record using my phone with it. That’s lame. Guess I should buy a different microphone for my phone. It’s also louder with the voice recorder.

Less background noise on the internal microphones. Perhaps turning the other microphone down would improve that.

Could be better to use the voice recorder if I make a video, then plugging it into my phone. Except, then you need to know how to video edit.

Internal microphone:

External microphone:

Now how do I get the iPhone to record in stereo with that microphone? Or maybe it’s just voice memos that doesn’t.

Sorry, no EVPs yet. That’s just a burp.

One more thing to test, live playing.

And that works as well, just plug headphones in, and while recording you’ll hear it. You don’t need to go into settings or anything to do it. The fucking AC decided to turn on, so that’s mostly what you hear. And idiots driving by with their loud ass vehicle. If I want an EVP, I’d have to do it at night. But sometimes idiots drive by at night too.

In that case, I need to do it somewhere else. Recorded apartment noises too, like doors closing. Somebody talking, surprised it could hear them. I had headphones on, so no idea if I could have heard it. I think it got some talking. But that isn’t what I asked. I asked if somebody was here, if they could sing in the voice recorder. Nobody ever asks them to sing.

And I see no voice activated recording, even in simple mode. You have to press the record button. And then stop it. No point in using simple mode. I could look at the manual, but I’m lazy.

You don’t have to use a card reader, you just have to manually mount it in Linux. No idea why Dolphin doesn’t show it. It shows the internal space.

For voice activated recording, it’s called VCVA. I copied the manual to my computer, it’s on the internal memory. The HTML file doesn’t work, the link says not found, probably because I use Flatpak Firefox. To even open anything in Firefox, I had to do ctrl + o, because in the menu there’s no open apparently. Oh and I think it works in normal mode. Sweet, don’t have to change the mode back and forth.

And it works, I have it set to one, otherwise it won’t record me, I guess I don’t talk very loud. If it keeps saying something off, it’s because you need the scene thing off, then you can enable it. I’d take a video, but I’m lazy. Also, where would I put my phone? I can’t hold it. Too lazy to get the tripod. I wonder what my light would do to the screen, make it readable? It might have no backlight.

And I might have to put the recorder close to me in bed. Which isn’t a good idea, as I might grab it in my sleep and smash it on the wall or something.

Published on: 17 June
Posted by: Tom