Parasitic spirits?

They talked about that on Portals To Hell tonight. The Blackwell Ghost guy did say nobody knows what they are dealing with.

So I think I’ll never do a proper investigation. I don’t want to give parasitic spirits any of my energy. Well, not sure that applies to me, as if I’m being haunted, they probably have way more energy then me. So there might be no parasitic spirits here.

The episode kind of sucked, they didn’t do the ghost box in the green room. Or did they before he went in there by himself? Either way, they captured barely anything. Some knocks, that’s about it. Supposedly they heard something else, I couldn’t hear it. Oh and some ghost box stuff was captured, somebody kept asking for help. The parasitic spirits probably needed help, they needed energy.

Probably pretending to be people they aren’t. So everything they heard on the ghost box is useless. Not to mention, a ghost box is supposedly a broken radio. So perhaps a radio signal was coming in just right. It’s a coincidence of course. The radio was talking about the people that made and lived in the house, when they tuned in.

Hmm, so I can fool a paranormal investigator? With radio broadcasting equipment? Just make the word apple come through over and over again.

Published on: 28 May
Posted by: Tom