Portals To Hell proved the ghost box works sometimes

I doubt a radio station was broadcasting birds chirping.

If it isn’t a hoax, they pretty much proved a ghost box can let spirits, or some other intelligence speak.

I kind of want a defective radio now, even though it would scare the shit out of me, if anything came through. I doubt I can afford the ghost box they have.

The best way, would be to make one yourself, but I don’t have a clue how.

So I think I’ll just setup the iPad on my desk, and see what happens. They can type on an iPad, that might not scare me as much. The old iPad’s WiFi is disabled, so no hacker should be remotely controlling it. Now, a spirit, could enable the WiFi.

Perhaps there’s a way to turn a Raspberry Pi into a radio, then you just have to “break” the radio.

Published on: 4 June
Posted by: Tom