Prime Sleep Recorder better then voice activated recorder on Olympus WS-852

Prime Sleep Recorder records I think any sound, unless you set it to snoring only. Oh and it puts each detection in it’s own recording with the time. You get one file with the Olympus. Think the Olympus was recording for 8 minutes or so overnight, the Sleep Recorder, records much more then that. Lots of snoring, didn’t listen to all of the recordings.

Also recorded what sounds like somebody saying fuck you outside probably. I slept right through their bullshit.

Only downside is, if you email the recording to yourself, it doesn’t appear to be as loud. Might need to turn my volume up. Amplifying it didn’t do much.

Oh and it isn’t right by my bed, that could be why the Olympus didn’t record much, it wasn’t by my bed either.

It might actually record sleep talking though. Even not right by your bed.

Various other noises were recorded, probably apartment building noises.

The Olympus is still good for other stuff, just not overnight recording.

Published on: 26 June
Posted by: Tom