Don’t have to ask anybody to wake the monitor up. It got woken up while I was watching Portals To Hell. Surprised it didn’t scare me, and cause me to run out of the building screaming though.

It could be waking up for any reason. Like a vibration, or a hacker.

Can spirits read your mind? Probably. And if the monitor is waking up because of a spirit, they probably got impatient of waiting for me to ask. They probably wanted me to ask with my voice.

Perhaps I should use an old Raspberry Pi, and get one of those little screens for it, and put a text editor on it. Or a new Raspberry Pi. The only old ones I have are Zeros. They could use my computer, I suppose, but that might make me mad or something. If you intend for them to use something, then they know it won’t bother you. Now if something bad is here, they wouldn’t care. If something bad is here, I’ll be moving. To the nut house.

The old iPad could be used as a typing machine. It has a case that can be used as a stand, I think. If they can read my mind, they already know the pass code. That would be a good use for the old iPad, and I wouldn’t have to spend any money. I even have a Bluetooth keyboard. If you don’t want to install any text writing app, just use Notes, assuming it has that. Might have the Apple word processor on it.

Or perhaps they’d wake that iPad up, when it’s in stand mode instead of the case covering it. The Mac mini has gotten woke up too, I thought there was a problem with it, then my Linux desktop did the same thing. If the iPad gets woken up too, then it might be harder to believe it’s a vibration. Assuming the iPad isn’t on the desk. Or if it is, only the iPad wakes up, and not the computer. Good idea, put it on the desk. Before bed. Not sure the security camera can see the table where it is currently. All I want to know is if it wakes up too. And if the desktop doesn’t at the same time, I know it isn’t a vibration. Will the iPad even wake up because of a vibration? Better check the battery life on it. Can’t recall when I last charged it.

Oh and I get scared super easily, my own foot scared me. Well, I might not consider it “my” foot. But that’ll need it’s own blog post on a different blog.

Published on: 4 June
Posted by: Tom