The Blackwell Ghost 6 might make you cry

It made me cry. I won’t say what part, just watch it yourself. It is horrible what happened to him and his family.

I will say one thing he recorded, an unseen force playing the piano.

Oh and he proved for me, that you can do a paranormal investigation at any time. He had the TV turn on I think in the morning. You don’t need to turn lights off.

I could ask somebody I can’t see, to wake the monitor up, at any time, and it might happen, even with the lights on. I don’t want to get scared though.

Apparently you can see ghosts/spirits in glass. Looked like they might have been naked though.

If I saw somebody in glass, like a reflection on the TV, I’d be super scared. Even if I know who I’m seeing. Even if I see a dog, that looks like Tonka, I’ll be scared.

It was worth the $5 to watch it. Will he make more videos? Perhaps he should get a new title. But yeah, he’ll probably make more. Oh and he gets creep mail.

I could probably record more interesting stuff, but I’ll get scared. Monitor waking up on demand, will scare me.

Oh he also proved ghosts or spirits can use computers. My monitor only gets woken up. I already figured they can do anything. Or anything you can do, if the spirit is a human. Don’t know if dogs are limited to what they can do or not, no idea. Perhaps when you die, all spirits are similar. Therefore, perhaps, any create, can do anything. Rather they could when alive or not.

I had to pause it when I did some crying. Might have turned into crying about Tonka though.

Published on: 4 June
Posted by: Tom