The Blackwell Ghost 6

When did that show up on Amazon? I’ll pay the $5 to watch it tomorrow. Got to go to bed.

Now I just need 7. How many is he going to make?

He makes the best paranormal videos. I believe him more then anybody else, but it’s easy to get me to believe stuff. Him getting super scared, is enough proof that he isn’t doing anything. He wouldn’t be scared if it was fake. He doesn’t appear to be acting scared but not really either. His blood pressure went up, that’s all there is to say.

Speaking of blood pressure, my heart rate seems to be elevated when awake. I need to email my doctor for a followup. Possibly get another EKG. Or was it an ECG? I just did an ECG.

It’s possible if I ask for somebody to wake the computer monitor up, they will. But it might scare the shit out of me. Probably the reason they are very careful at interacting with me.

I also bet, I can do it with the lights on. And during the day. I don’t think it has to be night. I probably won’t attempt to prove anything though. I get scared easily. Just watch The Blackwell Ghost. I watch it as facts, not entertainment. Like a documentary.

Tonka knows how to interact with me, but she can also do stuff without me caring, because we are super bonded. The only other creature I’m super bonded with is Buddy. So if anybody else is here, I might react badly to things. Especially, since I don’t know who is here.

Apparently her puppy can do about anything to me and I don’t seem to care, or not enough. She says I let him jump on me, he goes on the couch, then on me. I’m more neutral, which I guess means you are letting him. If he stopped chewing on me, I wouldn’t care if he jumped on me. I pet him, and he starts chewing on me.

Will he do that when he’s full size? If so, she’s probably going to get mad at me, for “letting him” do it. I might get mad too, if it hurts.

I think it’s clear, I can’t train a dog. Therefore, I can’t get a dog. My mom trained Buddy and Tonka. Well my sister might have helped with Tonka. I went to a dog training class with Buddy. But I probably didn’t do much.

Perhaps I should enable comments, so people can post a comment when new Blackwell Ghost videos are available. I don’t care about reviews, I like all of his videos. People think he’s crazy, but so am I. So I don’t care. I’ll gladly pay $5 to watch it, and the next ones if he makes more.

How do you enable comments? I can enable comments for future posts, but how do I override it for one post? Why can’t you do it in the full editor?

Comments should be enabled for this post. Posting something unrelated to The Blackwell Ghost, will probably get deleted. If you want to insult me or something, use the contact page.

Oh and for WordPress, click screen options, and you can get the comments on the full editor.

Published on: 4 June
Posted by: Tom