The blanket might have been pushed down in a spot like somebody was laying there

But I was super tired, so may not have checked. I did roll over eventually, to sleep some more.

I need to go to bed at 11 PM, instead of 12 AM or around 12 AM.

Tonka was in my dream. The dream might have been an apartment, and she was going in my room to go on my bed possibly.

Oh I think my dad was in the dream too, something I didn’t like was happening and was asking for him to do something. Well, he was pushing down on my sides or something, and I couldn’t breath in the dream.

Maybe I was having trouble breathing in reality, and was trying to wake myself up. No idea if I woke up, I was exhausted. I probably could have slept until 1 PM.

When you become a dogs person, they may never leave you, even when their body dies. Especially if you build a bond like Tonka and I have.

Watch The Blackwell Ghost 6. As he says, those who love you, never leave. In his case, somebody interacted a ton with him. I won’t say who, just watch it.

He wanted to prove ghosts exist, he pretty much did. But are they really a ghost? Or just a consciousness?

Will there be anymore The Blackwell Ghost? Not sure what else he needs to film, at this point. The last one 6, pretty much proved it for me. I don’t consider him faking stuff or lying.

Seeing as I almost left my body once, it’s not hard to prove to me, you exist after your body dies. Tonka didn’t let me leave my body, she was still alive when that happened. She barked while I was about to leave my body. Then I realized Tonka needs me. No idea why I never tried leaving my body again.

Nobody was or is sleeping by me, just my arm. I rolled over, and put my arm where the blanket was pushed down. So I’m just going crazy instead.

Published on: 27 July
Posted by: Tom