Was I fully awake?

Around 1 AM, I think it was 1:21 AM, I was in bed, and felt feet stepping down on the bed, by my feet, but not my feet.

Kind of don’t think I was fully awake. Usually fall a sleep pretty quickly. And I’m guessing it was before 1 AM that I went to bed.

If I wasn’t fully awake, it can be explained. As the sleep thing you can get when slightly awake. I think I did say goodnight Tonka though.

The camera is recording stuff again. Well, maybe not when the IR isn’t on.

Now if it wasn’t the sleep thing, that’s the most intensive haunting thing that happened possibly. Too bad there’s no camera in there, you might have been able to see an invisible force pushing down on the bed.

Published on: 9 July
Posted by: Tom