What voice activated recorder was Jess Chobot using in Expedition X?

The episode from Wednesday. I see mostly junk on Amazon. I can get a Sony, but it doesn’t do voice activated recording.

Will it record snoring? If not, then I should put it in my room, and see if it records something else, like me singing, or talking in my sleep.

Who said I was going to do a paranormal investigation? I don’t want to get scared shitless. I might ask “If somebody is here, perhaps say your name in this voice recorder thing”. Notice the perhaps part, that way I might not get a response.

I might just use it for recording singing though. Using the iPhone sucks, because I’m too lazy to look for an app. Also, don’t think my microphone is stereo. The iPhone’s probably is, but not the one I plug into it with an adapter.

And if I’m going to use for recording singing, I should probably get the Sony.

I’ll probably just buy the Sony, next month. Since I can’t find a voice activated recorder that isn’t junk.

There’s an Olympus recorder on Amazon, knew they made em. But it’s around $60.

Maybe get an overkill one instead, like the Zoom for $250. Or the Tascam. Overkill as well. But it should last a lifetime. Unless the solar flare kills it. You’ll get interference with that one. There’s a router on my desk, if I connected it to my computer, it would probably be useless.

How the fuck did she find that recorder? Doesn’t appear to be on Amazon.

I give up on trying to find it. It might be on some paranormal shopping site, not the one I looked at. Maybe that’s the correct search term “paranormal voice activated recorder”. That doesn’t find much either. If she has Twitter, and I had Twitter, I could ask her.

I might buy the Olympus WS-852 tomorrow, if Target still has it. It’s actually OM Digital Solutions now, they bought parts of Olympus. Hopefully the Target stock isn’t ancient. And maybe it’ll say OM instead of Olympus, probably ancient if it doesn’t. One person on the questions, answered and said it doesn’t have voice activated recording, somebody else asked more recently, and was told it does.

According to Amazon, the simple mode basically does that. Sucks you have to use simple mode for that. You can listen while it records also. Not sure which cable you’d use for my microphone, there’s one for smartphones, and another for cameras. I’ll just use it’s built in microphone, I don’t want to carry the one I have around. Perhaps buy a microphone just for it, if it sucks. One that plugs directly into the microphone jack, no cable, and no having to hold it. Might block the headphone jack though.

I’ll use my wired Monoprice headphones with it. I only planned on using the voice activated feature when sleeping. So it looks like I get to switch the mode back and forth.

I’ll probably put a micro SD card in it, the old one from my Pi. The internal storage might eventually crap out, if you use it. Micro SD cards can be replaced.

Published on: 16 June
Posted by: Tom