You can get a voice activated audio recorder for the iPhone and most likely iPad

Look for snore and sleep talking recording apps. I could use my voice recorder, but when the batteries die, it might take the micro SD card with it. Don’t really want to buy a new micro SD card every time the batteries die.

On another note, every time I try recording something, the fucking AC turns on. That thing is loud as fuck. Was trying to record some loud ass vehicle outside. You can mostly hear the AC in the recording, thanks again AC.

Too bad they don’t give us quiet ACs.

I put one on my phone, not sure it’ll work, the phone isn’t right by my bed. Not putting anything of value right by me in bed. The first app I put on it, has too many features. And if you need to buy it, that’s $60 a year. I think this one is $12 or so, once. If you need to buy it.

It’s $12, might be worth buying, to get rid of the banner on the bottom saying to buy it. Says $12 lifetime. That’s a hell lot cheaper then $60 a year.

I’ll see what it records when I wake up tomorrow. If it didn’t record anything, probably not worth $12. I think I usually snore every night.

I didn’t look at the App Store on iPad, but it probably is available for it. I didn’t pay attention to everything on the iPhone App Store either. The one I have is “Prime Sleep Recorder”. Also the App Store is lame, I had to find it again, when I was ready to install it, because it put me back at the main search screen. Apple is a dick, with their intense RAM management. Even to their own apps.

Published on: 25 June
Posted by: Tom