Bug, reflection?

Zooming in won’t help you, with the low resolution. Maybe I should setup my actual camera on a tripod, to take photos every five seconds. But you can’t officially plug it in, so the battery will die.

But look at the boot, looks like it’s reflecting whatever is on the end table thing.

The photo after it, doesn’t show anything, not even a minute later, but in the 7 PM folder for some unknown reason. I think my security camera has issues. I’m too cheap to replace it, also it works good enough. I don’t need it connected to the internet, as I’m paranoid. I actually have this camera blocked from the internet. Won’t be updating the firmware again, last time I had issues after doing so.

What I need is a thermal camera, but the ones that plug into phones might suck. Unless you spend $500+. And I need it recording all night long while I sleep. To see if there’s any unexplained heat signatures around me on the bed.

Well, better go shit, it might be ready again finally.

I should look at the video, maybe you can tell what it is in that.

The video doesn’t tell you much, other then it’s just for like a second, so surprising there’s an image of it. Probably a reflection from outside. Maybe somebody driving by with their lights on.

Published on: 20 September
Posted by: Tom