What is that?

Looks like a reflection from like the sun or something, like when the sun is out. No sun when that picture was taken. Don’t think I noticed it in any of the videos. So might only have a picture of it.

Sometimes the sun shines through the blinds. That’s not the only thing the camera captured while sleeping this morning though.

Looks like this is the video of it, recorded around the same time. It records during the time that photo was taken. Guess it wasn’t moving too fast to capture a picture of it.

It’s most likely a spirit. You can’t really prove either way. But it isn’t an air particle, or a bug. Doubt it’s a camera glitch. That’s moving with intent, intent for the camera to record, and for me to see them. I suppose they could also be an Alien. Or a spirit of an Alien. Now the question is, who is the spirit? My dad? Tonka? Great grandparent? Nobody I know? I’ll know them when I die. That’s what people get with near death experiences, they somehow know the being, like they’ve known em forever.

Published on: 8 June
Posted by: Tom