iPad got woke up around 9 AM

Looks like the monitor isn’t waking up because of vibrations. Only the iPad wakes up.

Was beginning to think it wasn’t going to turn on, thought if it was it was going to be when it’s dark. Luckily, I looked at the 9 AM videos, and found that.

Sp spirits can use anything, including iPads. Not sure the spirit is human, or some other creature, like a dog. No idea if dog spirits can use electronics. At the bare minimum, they could probably wake stuff up.

You don’t need to buy ghost stuff, for something to happen. If you have an old iPad, that’ll work just fine. Not connected to WiFi, so no hacker should have been able to turn it on.

The thing on the screen, is just a notification. About putting lotion on my hand. Possibly an old notification. Since I don’t really use that iPad anymore. I just got rid of it, clicked the leave on thing, since if I connect to WiFi, it might turn off whatever for everything. Time sensitive notifications or something. Then I cleared the actual notification, multiple times, since it came back once. Am I supposed to put lotion on tonight? Perhaps. Oh wait, I think I put lotion on yesterday, so no I’m not.

The reminder is for 10 PM I think, I know it’s not for around 9 AM, it’s for before I go to bed. But I suppose it could have been reminding me about the reminder. So I logged out of my Apple ID, after connecting to WiFi, and then it deleted all reminders on it.

If it gets turned on again, it’s not as easily explainable.

Didn’t turn on again, so perhaps it was the reminder. Might reset the iPad, to get rid of my data on it. No Apple ID signed in, means you can’t remotely erase it.

The iPad is reset, if it turns on now, it isn’t easily explainable. You can’t really do anything on it, as you have to set it up, Apple is a dick. You’d have to connect to WiFi, probably sign into an Apple ID, then remove Apple ID, then forget the WiFi network. Perhaps a spirit can bypass Apple’s forced setup.

Published on: 5 June
Posted by: Tom