Proof security camera is recording some spirits


Moving with intent. And the only reason I can think of for them to do that, is to make sure the camera records them, and that I notice them. Watch when it comes down from the ceiling or wherever.

That reminds me of testing the security camera, to trigger the motion. You’d move something like that.

Is it proof of a spirit? Perhaps. Might be enough proof for me. This site is dead, so I’ll be the only one that saw it. At least I saw something nobody else has seen.

Why not interact direct? That’s probably a bad idea. And I think being more direct has happened, but I tend to react badly. Since they are most likely here for love, getting a bad reaction isn’t what they want to happen.

So then the question is, who is here? Probably more then one spirit is here. Tonka might be here sometimes, or all the time, I don’t know how it works. Dad might be here, as when you die, you might be likely to regret stuff. I know after Tonka died, I wished I did a lot of stuff differently. I imagine dying, you realize a bunch of stuff too, not just those around you realize stuff, but who died does as well. At least that’s probably the case with humans, as they suck at giving unconditional love.

No idea if spirits can travel back and fourth, or if you go to the other place, you can’t come back. You most likely have to let go of stuff to go to the other place. So if you don’t forgive yourself for messing up, you might be stuck here.

I might indeed be stuck here when I die. It depends how I die. If a mass extinction event happens, perhaps I won’t be stuck here.

Probably not a bug because a bug wouldn’t want to be noticed by the security camera or me.

So that means, there’s no explanation for what was recorded, unless you believe it’s a spirit. That’s what I’m leaning towards.

The iPad hasn’t woke up again, after resetting it. I did connect it to the internet, so I could get out of the setup screen. I just used a USB Ethernet adapter, so I didn’t have to type the password in, and then forget the network after setting it up. I didn’t sign into an Apple ID. Oh but the iPad was turned off. No idea why, does it turn off if you leave it on the setup screen? Or did the camera just not record it turning off? Or I missed it?

So perhaps the iPad was interacted with by somebody. No idea.

I don’t think Pages is on it, which is a bummer, doesn’t appear to be notes on it either. There’s the Reminder app, they could type in. Pages would be better though. Unless you only want to write one sentence. Perhaps they can hack the iPad, and put their own text editor on it. That would be kind of funny. I’d take it to the genius store and ask what happened to iPadOS. If they replace the entire OS with something else.

Not possible? Why not? Watch Skinwalker Ranch. They get hacked all the time. Once you die, you might actually be able to do more stuff. In the case of Skinwalker Ranch, they might not be dead though, whoever is hacking them.

I believe spirits can do anything. And since they have no body, they can fly.

That doesn’t mean everything the camera is recording is a spirit, but that sure seems like it is.

Published on: 8 June
Posted by: Tom