Monitor woke itself up

That hasn’t happened for some time. Don’t ask me why. I don’t see anybody by the computer, when I notice the monitor woke up. I was either watching TV, or playing the Xbox, or was it the Steam Deck? Well I was in the recliner. Can’t tell you if it’s paranormal or not. Could be […]

Published on: 14 August
Posted by: Tom

That was most likely the sleep thing

I forgot what it’s called, but you can wake up and see and/or hear things that aren’t really there. Felt like two or more creatures were on my bed by me, but the longer I was awake, the feeling went away. So if that sleep thing can make you feel stuff that isn’t there, that’s […]

Published on: 10 August
Posted by: Tom

Dust and bugs aren’t paranormal

So all videos and images on this site are now gone. If you have the Amazon links, they probably still work, didn’t delete or unshare anything on Amazon. The likeliness of me capturing anything paranormal is very low. If this site stops working in the future, don’t be surprised. I’ll probably keep the domain, but […]

Published on: 23 July
Posted by: Tom

Might not be a bug that it was recording

Not a spirit either. Dust, or a cobweb. There was something hanging off the camera, I was inspecting it to see if something is on it. That’s the problem with not dusting. It’s super hard to see with the lights on. It was on the side of it, so might look like it’s on that […]

Published on: 12 July
Posted by: Tom

Bugs are conscious, in case you are wondering

A big ass flying bug, came into the living room, over the table, and flew all erratic. There’s one on the monitor now too. Same one? No idea. But that video that I shared, is a bug, as apparently some flying bugs fly erratically. And the proof of spirits being recorded, is most likely a […]

Published on: 11 July
Posted by: Tom

Was I fully awake?

Around 1 AM, I think it was 1:21 AM, I was in bed, and felt feet stepping down on the bed, by my feet, but not my feet. Kind of don’t think I was fully awake. Usually fall a sleep pretty quickly. And I’m guessing it was before 1 AM that I went to bed. […]

Published on: 9 July
Posted by: Tom

Did the haunting come to an end?

The camera recorded almost nothing while sleeping. I think I only saw one thing that it recorded. That is, balls of light. It did record overnight, but didn’t see anything in most of the recordings. Perhaps it was recording sound. Or I wasn’t looking at it close enough. So perhaps this site has come to […]

Published on: 2 July
Posted by: Tom

Why was I sleeping like somebody was by me?

Didn’t feel anybody by me, but I was sleeping like if a dog was right by me. I was on the edge of the bed. Perhaps it’s a memory thing.

Published on: 28 June
Posted by: Tom

Monitor woke up right after I left

Or shortly after I left. I need one of those things that detects earthquakes, and put it on the desk. A vibration could be waking it up. Without buying anything, you could just switch the input on the USB switch, oh wait the Mac mini is off. In that case, unplug it. If it still […]

Published on: 26 June
Posted by: Tom