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Monitor woke itself up at 12:06 AM

Perhaps they are trying to get my attention, without scaring me. Or there was a vibration, that is completely random. But the monitor has woke itself up, when watching paranormal stuff. That leads me to believe, somebody I can’t see is doing it. If you don’t believe in consciousness, or being able to travel back […]

Published on: 28 November
Posted by: Tom

A big light captured on camera

Camera glitch? Spirit? No idea. Also took a picture of a smaller light in the kitchen, too far away to be dust. No video was recorded, the first video was a minute or so after it took that picture. If I didn’t look at the photos captured, I wouldn’t even know the camera saw that. […]

Published on: 6 May
Posted by: Tom

Is that a bug?

There’s a little black thing where that light is on the floor. If that’s a bug, why is the light on it massive compared to the bug? Or is that something on the floor, that the light is allowing the camera to see? Either way, all of the balls of lights could be bugs. Bummer. […]

Published on: 15 March
Posted by: Tom

The dust theory isn’t right for all balls of light

That could be a bug though, but way too far to be dust. Depends if it’s floating, or on the edge of the end table or on the wall. Easier to see where it is, if you look at the photo before that captured nothing interesting. I did circle it though. Image with nothing, no […]

Published on: 24 February
Posted by: Tom

UFO in living room?

Sorry, but that isn’t dust. If that’s a bug, hopefully they don’t go in my room. Don’t want a bug that big on my face. Maybe a small Alien species flying craft. Who knows. For some reason, the security camera recorded a ton this morning. I thought because of the heater, but that isn’t dust, […]

Published on: 23 February
Posted by: Tom

Ball of light

Looks too far away to be dust. A video was also recorded around that time, may or may not upload it.

Published on: 20 February
Posted by: Tom

That isn’t dust

Look at the chair, there’s a light on it. Too far away to be dust. I started looking at the pictures the security camera took, after it malfunctioned. It recorded for five hours in one video file, but the video file is corrupt. So there was no videos recorded for a while, but there was […]

Published on: 12 February
Posted by: Tom

No idea what that is either

The camera wasn’t recording video for some unknown reason, stopped after 3 PM. But it saved a bunch of images. It started recording me again, but I rebooted it just in case. Going to look for a firmware update as well. That doesn’t exactly look like dust.

Published on: 10 February
Posted by: Tom

Camera malfunction?

Shouldn’t have taken a full screen screenshot, the video file isn’t 1440p. Not as bad as what it was doing without the encoding, the passthrough has massive issues in motionEye. I should probably just buy macOS software for my security camera. But I’m cheap. Already bought the theme for this site. Paranormal can cause electronics […]

Published on: 4 January
Posted by: Tom