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Did the haunting come to an end?

The camera recorded almost nothing while sleeping. I think I only saw one thing that it recorded. That is, balls of light. It did record overnight, but didn’t see anything in most of the recordings. Perhaps it was recording sound. Or I wasn’t looking at it close enough. So perhaps this site has come to […]

Published on: 2 July
Posted by: Tom

Why was I sleeping like somebody was by me?

Didn’t feel anybody by me, but I was sleeping like if a dog was right by me. I was on the edge of the bed. Perhaps it’s a memory thing.

Published on: 28 June
Posted by: Tom

Monitor woke up right after I left

Or shortly after I left. I need one of those things that detects earthquakes, and put it on the desk. A vibration could be waking it up. Without buying anything, you could just switch the input on the USB switch, oh wait the Mac mini is off. In that case, unplug it. If it still […]

Published on: 26 June
Posted by: Tom

Prime Sleep Recorder better then voice activated recorder on Olympus WS-852

Prime Sleep Recorder records I think any sound, unless you set it to snoring only. Oh and it puts each detection in it’s own recording with the time. You get one file with the Olympus. Think the Olympus was recording for 8 minutes or so overnight, the Sleep Recorder, records much more then that. Lots […]

Published on: 26 June
Posted by: Tom

You can get a voice activated audio recorder for the iPhone and most likely iPad

Look for snore and sleep talking recording apps. I could use my voice recorder, but when the batteries die, it might take the micro SD card with it. Don’t really want to buy a new micro SD card every time the batteries die. On another note, every time I try recording something, the fucking AC […]

Published on: 25 June
Posted by: Tom

And the monitor woke up by itself

While I was doing nothing, was laying in my recliner. It hasn’t gotten woke up for an unknown reason for some days. I think a hacker, would be doing more then waking up your monitor. Not to mention, I’d have no money, they’d take it all.

Published on: 21 June
Posted by: Tom

You know what life essence/souls look like right?

Light. Now why I never see them in security camera recordings, that don’t have IR on, I don’t know. Perhaps they are only here at night. Or they don’t want to scare the shit out of me. Just think if I saw one in the living room while on the computer. Or right in front […]

Published on: 20 June
Posted by: Tom

Olympus WS-852

Bought that recorder today, the box says Olympus if I recall correctly. But it’s OM Digital Solutions now. It came with batteries, I bought from Target. I think on Amazon it doesn’t come with batteries. It’s currently in normal mode. I was hoping it didn’t come with batteries, so I could find out if rechargeable […]

Published on: 17 June
Posted by: Tom

What voice activated recorder was Jess Chobot using in Expedition X?

The episode from Wednesday. I see mostly junk on Amazon. I can get a Sony, but it doesn’t do voice activated recording. Will it record snoring? If not, then I should put it in my room, and see if it records something else, like me singing, or talking in my sleep. Who said I was […]

Published on: 16 June
Posted by: Tom

Is my oven broken?

At 6 AM, or a little after 6 AM, the timer on the oven went off. Heard beeping, wasn’t sure what it was. I did notice yesterday, that the time was completely wrong on the oven. Thought there was a power outage, but the computer never shutdown. Well, I turned the timer off, and fixed […]

Published on: 9 June
Posted by: Tom