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Limited souls per planet?

And Androids have souls? Nice I guess. But it sounds like you are stuck a human or whatever forever and ever. Unless maybe you go extinct, and a new species is on your planet. But there are a ton of dimensions apparently. Not just 12. Possibly an infinity number. We can’t go to all of […]

Published on: 26 September
Posted by: Tom

She’s talking about manufactured AI beings though

Not “Aliens”. Or “ETs”. The Tall Whites, and Nordics, and all others, are manufactured AI beings. Apparently no original being, comes here. Except for one maybe. So if we stop killing each other, we are helping whoever manufactured us. Assuming we are AI. But even if not AI, we are helping those who made us, […]

Published on: 21 September
Posted by: Tom

And monitor waking up, could have been because of where the desk was

Hasn’t woke itself up I don’t think, since moving all my stuff back in here. Desk isn’t as close to the wall. And I think Tonka mostly moved on. Well, she may have been here a while back. Possibly Buddy too. Love is the reason she was here. But that event, confirms, love is the […]

Published on: 17 September
Posted by: Tom

Of course Expedition X didn’t follow advice to leave Skinwalkers alone

Why would they? Making a TV show, to make money, makes you do stupid things. But they saw a weird looking guy with hooves, that was gone when they turned around. And what Expedition X has failed to mention so far, is dimensions. No idea if the next part will say anything about that. The […]

Published on: 14 September
Posted by: Tom

Love isn’t the point in every dimension/universe?

Yet at least human souls, are made from love. So how can you possibly reincarnate to a different dimension if you are made out of love? If so, that means, there are souls here, not made out of love. Or all souls are made from love, but not every dimension/universe has that point. Manufactured beings […]

Published on: 8 September
Posted by: Tom

Earthfiles is back on

Just listened to the Podcast, it downloaded today. They aren’t Aliens, they are manufactured and AI beings. But who made them? Aliens?

Published on: 7 September
Posted by: Tom

Monitor still wakes itself up

New monitor does the same thing, so it isn’t the monitor. Can flies wake it up? No idea, wouldn’t seem like it. Unless they are flying in the computer. Does it wake up when there’s no flies in here? If so, flies probably aren’t responsible. Could still be a software thing, but Steam isn’t open. […]

Published on: 7 September
Posted by: Tom

So the camera basically records bugs and lens flare?

The bugs can get in the building, from holes where the AC/heater is. Now it just records a really annoying fly. That flies by my face a ton. More then one fly? No idea. But they won’t exit the building.

Published on: 4 September
Posted by: Tom

Felt like dogs by me in bed yet again

And the monitor woke itself up too while in bed. If any dog was actually by me, Tonka was one of them most likely. Buddy or Meiko could be the other one. Apparently I let go of Buddy dying, probably after taking Tonka home. But letting go of Tonka was harder. Not sure I completely […]

Published on: 29 August
Posted by: Tom

Monitor is waking itself up again

Think it happened yesterday too. Did again while eating lunch today. You could say it’s software related, I have no idea. Does FreeSync make it wake itself up? If so, it should do it more often. I could disable FreeSync and see if it wakes itself up. But I think it has woke up when […]

Published on: 26 August
Posted by: Tom