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Looks like I’m never alone

Free will allows everybody to believe whatever they want. So I’m going to believe spirits are here, possibly almost all the time. Scientists will debunk everything, because they don’t want to exist after they die. Not everybody wants that. But free will allows them to believe that.

Published on: 3 December
Posted by: Tom

Does dust have controlled steering like that?

All I did was go downstairs to wait for my dinner, apparently she should have stayed home, the roads are bad. Luckily, she made it home. I think she needed something for their snowblower. If that’s a bug, do flies look way bigger then they are on IR? I’m talking about the brightest/most solid light. […]

Published on: 1 December
Posted by: Tom

Almost looks like it has wings

Too big to be a fly. Doubt it’s dust. And if it’s a bug, how did a bug bigger then a fly get in my apartment? I never see them when awake. Good at hiding.

Published on: 26 November
Posted by: Tom

Did I finally get proof of something?

That isn’t dust. Too bright. A fly? Doubtful, they don’t have the ability to disappear like that. And whatever it is, wanted to be recorded. I didn’t need to keep everything after it disappears, I did cut before it appeared. An Alien? Proof you exist after dying? No idea. If you go to a different […]

Published on: 19 November
Posted by: Tom

Monitor finally woke itself up again

Was there a vibration? No idea. Can’t see anything on the keyboard. Like a bug. Perhaps I should leave the keyboard tray out, and see if the keyboard is the reason it wakes up.

Published on: 18 November
Posted by: Tom

Not behaving like a fly

Dust might disappear on the camera, after it lands. But only way to know if that’s dust, is with another camera, that can see the same area, or most of the same area. But not right by the other camera. As dust from a pillow, doesn’t show up farther away. So if another camera records […]

Published on: 11 November
Posted by: Tom

Monitor malfunctioning?

The video was corrupted at first. You can’t tell what is on the monitor, just looks like it’s on. Damn bug on monitor, got paper towel, and bug is gone. Fucking flies keep getting in here.

Published on: 5 November
Posted by: Tom

How do you explain this ball of light?

Looks like it changes it’s transparency. Don’t think bugs do that, probably too far away to be dust. For it to be dust, it has to be right in front of the camera. And if that was a bug, it would be a big bug.

Published on: 12 May
Posted by: Tom

That light might be intelligent

I’m sure it can be explained away, as the camera must be intelligent. Believe what you want, I will as well. I’ll continue having no idea what it is. If it’s a spirit, they should do something to make it completely obvious. Like go to the computer, and wake the monitor up. They should be […]

Published on: 4 May
Posted by: Tom


Well, that’s the name of the video file. Probably not a fly. And don’t think the IR was on, if that camera had IR. Old video, but you can see it without IR. Records stuff like that overnight. I might have looked for a no IR video like the above from the current camera, but […]

Published on: 4 April
Posted by: Tom