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Over two minutes of dust?

You can decide it is whatever you want it to be. If any of it is farther from the camera, I doubt it’s dust. It has to be right in front of it to be dust. And the dust is active right after I leave, or right after I go to bed. Is that how […]

Published on: 21 January
Posted by: Tom


Original/full video: Slowed down video, not the entire video: There’s a blinking light. Watch the original video first. The closer artifact to the camera, stays solid. Does dust blink in and out if farther away? There could have been an actual bug crawling up the wall as well. No way to tell in the video. […]

Published on: 17 January
Posted by: Tom

Lots of dust

No spirits being recorded in my living room, just lots of dust.

Published on: 12 January
Posted by: Tom

A fly or dust or something else?

The security camera recorded light like that while gone today too. Looks like not just while sleeping, if it’s dark, it might record it. Update Most likely dust. Maybe I should dust, no thanks. You can thank the IR for recording dust.

Published on: 4 January
Posted by: Tom