Who pushed the blanket in?


Watch it carefully, at first, I didn’t notice it being pushed in. Just lifted up. Since the camera isn’t in room, you can’t see if I lifted it up.

But you can see, I didn’t push it in. And I don’t think it was pulled in either.

Now I kind of want the camera in my room, to see what I’m doing, or not doing while sleeping. But there’s no shelf on the wall I’d put the camera anymore, so I’d have to put it on the wall, and probably threw out the wall mount thing, if it came with one. I don’t want the Ethernet cable to get tripped on. So it won’t be going somewhere else, WiFi isn’t secure. I don’t want a hacker watching me sleep. Also, not allowing anything on WiFi to connect to my FTP server. And you can’t use a VPN with it easily, you’d have to connect it to something else. Like a Raspberry Pi, or some other Pi with WiFi. That could work though, make sure the camera is only accessible from the VPN, and the Pi. You’d plug the camera into the Pi using Ethernet. Anybody sniffing the air, will see encrypted traffic.

Well, it appears as though, somebody I can’t see, loves me. Perhaps more then one spirit I can’t see loves me.

I didn’t bother adding a watermark to it, you can probably remove it using AI, so not worth the trouble. You can hear a fan or the AC. Probably the air purifier. It’s on full speed from 12 AM to 10 AM. Or is it the Orange Pi 5’s fan? I’m replacing that soon.

Believe what you want, I know there’s plenty of stuff humans can’t see. Just listen to some of the stories of the past, we used to be able to see everything, and then they installed a filter, so we couldn’t. Somebody went to war or something, with the “Gods”. Are they Gods or Aliens as humans call them? No idea, but the God I believe in, is unconditional love.

It also felt like somebody was by me in bed, maybe only when sleeping though. Somebody said it’s easier for spirits to interact with you when sleeping, perhaps you are at a frequency that’s easier to interact with. But also, they aren’t trying to scare me. They are literally giving me love.

Well, that’s all the proof I need, that somebody is pushing the blanket in, and possibly laying by me in bed. Well, maybe not the same one. Tonka might not lift the blanket like that, but she would lay by me.

I still don’t understand, how dogs are able to give humans so much love, but humans generally don’t give each other that much love. Does that mean dogs are evolving faster then us?


Embedded video, converted it to H264, so you can play without downloading it. You can still download it if you want, the old link above still works.

Pulling it in is doubtful, my arms and hands, are usually by my head, as far as I know. I actually sleep on them with my head. And pillows. Or I think that’s what I do. You could lift it up possibly with your feet, but tuck it in, good luck.

I have some old Pis, and even a USB WiFi adapter that works with Linux, and plenty of USB Ethernet adapters. So I could put the camera in there, without using an Ethernet cable and putting it on the wall. Not sure if either Pi I have, has WiFi. There Zero ones, one doesn’t have WiFi I think. I assume I kept the old one, no idea where it is. One has a broken camera connector, might have replaced it with a Zero with no WiFi. I think I know where that one is, it’s also in a case. How slow is WireGuard on it though? The server part is on a Pi 4, with 8 GB of RAM, not that RAM matters. But that Zero is slow. So perhaps buy an Orange Pi of some kind, doesn’t need much RAM.

Nice, Orange Pi makes a Zero Orange Pi.

Published on: 27 April
Posted by: Tom