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Whitley Strieber Them

Bought the Kindle version, Earthfiles lady mentioned it. They also said humans are sheep, to ETs. No wonder the US doesn’t care if everybody including themselves die. They won’t be a sheep anymore. Now if they don’t die, they still get to be a sheep, while everybody else isn’t I guess. I probably won’t read […]

Published on: 7 July
Posted by: Tom

Bought Anzar the Progenitor

Just like I said I was going to. I may or may not read it though, I collect books. eBooks that is. And the Mac mini is useful for one thing, managing my eBooks on my Kindle. I remove DRM before putting it on my Kindle. That way I have the book forever. Well, except […]

Published on: 1 May
Posted by: Tom

Anzar the Progenitor by Bruce Olav Solheim

Bad reviews on Amazon, probably written by the government. They don’t say how they came to the conclusion Reptilians don’t exist though. Sounds like something the government would say. Oh and apparently nukes are going to be used in the next war. They claim it’s an Alien war or something. If nukes happen, will they […]

Published on: 19 April
Posted by: Tom

A Hybrid’s story E-Book by Kate Thorvaldsen

Finally bought that book. I hoard eBooks, don’t read em though. I bought it from the Author, here. Says it can take up to 24 hours to receive the eBook. You can’t buy the eBook anywhere else I guess. Does it have DRM? No idea. I also bought Chariots of the Gods 50th Anniversary Edition […]

Published on: 29 March
Posted by: Tom

A New Science of Heaven

Bought that book from, I wanted the eBook, not on Amazon, or I couldn’t find the eBook on Amazon. The news site is useless for books, at least some books, and I wonder if you search for “A New Science of Heaven” instead of “A New Science of Heaven: How the new science of […]

Published on: 16 March
Posted by: Tom