Bought Anzar the Progenitor

Just like I said I was going to. I may or may not read it though, I collect books. eBooks that is.

And the Mac mini is useful for one thing, managing my eBooks on my Kindle. I remove DRM before putting it on my Kindle. That way I have the book forever. Well, except the eBook manager library is on the Mac mini, and Time Machine backups may not be accessible easily from Linux. I’m too lazy to setup the eBook manager on my desktop. I could just backup the folder to a Samba share. But I’m lazy.

I may have ordered an Orange Pi Zero 2 as well. Good way to get something that doesn’t support VPNs connected to a VPN. In my case, a camera. I don’t want to poke a hole in the firewall, for FTP. Nor do I want the camera accessible to other WiFi clients. Hmm, the camera is blocked from the internet on Ethernet. How do you do that with WireGuard? Only allow it to access local IPs? But that might kill updates on the Orange Pi Zero 2. I don’t want to disconnect from VPN to update. Guess I’ll need to bypass it somehow. Or make it so only the camera uses the VPN. Well, the Pi should too, for SSH. Yes, I could make a firewall rule on the router, to allow all connections to the Pi on WiFi. But if it’s connected to a VPN, why bother?

Published on: 1 May
Posted by: Tom