Steam Deck most likely wakes up because of Steam

If in desktop mode, just close Steam. My Linux PC would wake up because of Steam as well. Or that’s if the monitor wakes up. If you are talking about suspending, that is a different problem. And it probably wakes up to download stuff.

But Linux PC still wakes up, just not as much. Not because of Steam anymore.

And the Deck still has good timing at waking up.

The one device waking up, that might be unexplainable, is the Mac mini. Mouse moving won’t wake it up. That is the monitor, the only thing suspending is the Steam Deck most likely.

And I’m going with the Deck is waking up for multiple reasons, as the timing is too good to be the software. Or did they make the Deck aware?

The people searching for why the Steam Deck wakes itself up, don’t put in their search term how often or anything else. And if it’s software, shouldn’t it happen everyday? And how can random have good timing on waking itself up? Not really random in that case.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to continue going nuts. Soon the camera will see more into my room, it’s going on the table, after I get a Orange Pi Zero 2. What I do or don’t do in bed, is more interesting then the door anyways. I should change the brightness on the other camera though, in case somebody breaks in when it’s dark. Might be a little hard to see who it is with the current brightness in IR mode. If I ever get a 3D printer, I might be able to control it with the Orange Pi Zero 2, and I don’t want to buy two. The 3D printer would go on the table. The camera has WiFi, but no VPN capabilities. So plug it into a Pi of some kind, after sharing the connection with it. WireGuard will probably be fine on it, the server is running on a Raspberry Pi 4 that has a super slow CPU. Just make sure the camera is only accessible from the Pi itself and the VPN. The WiFi clients shouldn’t be able to connect to it. It’ll need a firewall, for paranoia. Not running an Ethernet cable there, because it’ll be on the floor, and I’ll trip on it. Now you could staple it above the door frame. That might be cheaper then an Orange Pi Zero 2, but won’t solve controlling the 3D printer. Unless the 3D printer has Ethernet, don’t think the one on my wish list does.

The more Pis the better.

Oh and you can just turn your Steam Deck off, if it turns itself on, you must have a buggy power button. There’s always an explanation for some people. So remove the power button, if it still wakes up, I guess take a hammer to it. And if it fixes itself and turns on again, go to the nut house.

But my Steam Deck has been on for over 40 days I think, that’s some good uptime, thanks Valve for not releasing security updates for the OS, or at least not very often. Oh I forgot, the NSA could be waking it up too. I didn’t bother checking for any OS updates earlier. Game mode is clunky on a monitor with a keyboard and mouse. Can you do it from desktop mode? No idea. It’s always in it’s dock, still waiting for Just Cause 3 to work, last time I looked, it said it works on the Steam Deck, not on mine. So I’ll keep it idle, until they make it work, possibly never.


Didn’t wake itself up today. If it doesn’t wake the monitor up by itself everyday, good luck figuring out why. Steam should be open still. If it logged every time it wakes up perhaps you could. If it says what woke it up. I touched the screen to make sure it still works and is on. It does and is. Maybe look at Steam’s scheduled downloads and record the time and see if the screen wakes up at that time. A log would be better. Didn’t look very hard for one though. Perhaps you can enable such a log.

Published on: 28 April
Posted by: Tom