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Invisible spirits don’t fart either

Yes, you can hear me clicking the mouse. Perhaps waiting a minute isn’t long enough. I got to go to bed though. No waiting for an invisible spirit to fart.

Published on: 24 June
Posted by: Tom

Why won’t they sing in my voice recorder?

Not sure anybody has ever captured such an EVP. So I might be the first. Instead, I captured nothing, well maybe some breathing and fans. On the voice recorder, it sounds like a person with breathing trouble. That’s what an EVP is, absolutely nothing. Good job. It looks like EVPs have been debunked.

Published on: 20 June
Posted by: Tom

Some audio recorded around 3:32 AM

My security camera has a microphone and it recorded the below around 3:32 AM. I think the microphone on it distorts stuff. So that’s one way paranormal sources can get audio that sounds like something it isn’t. There’s nothing in the video, at least I didn’t see anything. It’s easier to hear some of them […]

Published on: 19 February
Posted by: Tom

What the “screaming” sounds like on Blackwell Ghost

I forgot which Blackwell Ghost had the “screaming”. Might not be screaming, as the above was a burp, but sounds similar to what was on Blackwell Ghost. I accidentally made it by plugging in a microphone and having the volume for it at 100%. It’s supposed to work with phones, but the Apple lightning to […]

Published on: 5 January
Posted by: Tom