Some audio recorded around 3:32 AM

My security camera has a microphone and it recorded the below around 3:32 AM. I think the microphone on it distorts stuff. So that’s one way paranormal sources can get audio that sounds like something it isn’t. There’s nothing in the video, at least I didn’t see anything.

It’s easier to hear some of them in Audacity, or to notice certain sounds. I did amplify all of them.

Sounds like some knocking in that one. Or a lock. Or the noise the door makes maybe, not the one to the hallway, but bedroom and bathroom door.

You can hear stuff outside, but listen for the other sounds, I don’t know what it is.

A click maybe? Very short sound that was recorded.

And links for those who use browsers that can’t play OGG files: (No I won’t use MP3s. Pretty sure OGG is free.)

They play fine in VLC, should on an iPhone, at least last time I tested an OGG file it did.

If you want to record weird noises, live in an apartment, and get a security camera with a shitty microphone. Maybe it’s the audio setting, and not the microphone.

Published on: 19 February 2022
Posted by: Tom