Can you see a fly on a security camera with IR or night mode off?

If not, I don’t know what they are. That isn’t dust, I know that. Pretty sure, dust only shows up on IR.

That reminds me, I need to increase the brightness on that camera.

The title should be “Are flies visible on security camera with IR or night mode off?”. Or maybe “flying bugs” instead of flies. Saying you, implies just one person, you. But perhaps you can see flies on security camera footage, but I can’t. I’ll keep the wrong or right title.

And that might be a big fly, if it they are a fly.

The resolution sucks, so zooming in is useless. But if it’s like the ball of lights on IR, I don’t know what flying bug that is.

If the IR was on, it should have been in black and white.

Published on: 10 June
Posted by: Tom