Of course the news isn’t covering it

You really think Fake(Fox) News is going to cover that? They are all about money and power.

Well, I don’t watch Fake News. But the other news ain’t covering it either. I don’t watch much news anymore. Only when at my mom’s house sometimes.

They mostly talk about republicans. Like taking rights away, being pro life, but for the death penalty. Making it easier to cheat in elections, and harder to vote of course. They won’t change their policies, not unless somebody rich gives them money, for different policies. Is it even what they believe? Or are they just being controlled by money? Could be the same with democrats too.

So maybe don’t vote for anybody. But then you risk a republican getting elected. How about republicans have the house or senate, and a democrat has the presidency like now? Maybe not the house, as then they can blackmail America.

And why won’t either party impeach somebody in their own party? Apparently if somebody like Trump, was a democrat, democrats wouldn’t vote to impeach them.

So no party will go against a horrible person in their own party. Is there any country, where they will? If not, I should become an indigenous person.

Published on: 7 June
Posted by: Tom