What the “screaming” sounds like on Blackwell Ghost

I forgot which Blackwell Ghost had the “screaming”. Might not be screaming, as the above was a burp, but sounds similar to what was on Blackwell Ghost.

I accidentally made it by plugging in a microphone and having the volume for it at 100%. It’s supposed to work with phones, but the Apple lightning to 3.5mm adapter I ordered hasn’t arrived yet.

So they might not be screaming on Blackwell Ghost. Might be trying to talk, but it comes out like the above.

That audio file might only play in Firefox. Not in Safari on an iPhone.

OGG link, if you have VLC, it should play in that. It plays in VLC on an iPhone.

No idea if it’s a mono or stereo microphone, the listing on Amazon doesn’t say. I removed the “It’s a mono microphone” sentence.

Published on: 5 January 2022
Posted by: Tom