What or who was above my head?

Looks like it or they is above my head.

The video, doesn’t exactly look like that image though.

I haven’t noticed the camera recording “dust” since moving it until today. But I don’t watch all the videos, I just look at the images. I could look at old recordings and see if anything was recorded. But if it’s dust, then it should record every night, and a lot. There’s a lot of dust in here.

Still waiting for Steam Deck to turn itself on. Steam isn’t open anymore, can’t recall if it ever woke up without Steam running. Maybe. But don’t know how long Steam wasn’t running. If it wakes up soon, I’m going to say, somebody I can’t see is waking it up. Software wouldn’t go this long without waking up. Unless it never woke up without Steam.

But the desktop was waking up, without Steam running, and now nothing is waking up. There goes the vibration theory as well.

Published on: 18 May
Posted by: Tom