Did Skinwalker Ranch prove there’s a government cover up on Aliens?

Or just that the military is interested and has no comment when an attorney general of a state asks them about the surveillance they are doing on the ranch?

Does the military have the power to do that in a state? If not, that gives credibility to the UFO/Alien cover up. Also, Roswell makes it obvious, the military knows what a weather balloon is, they don’t mistake a flying saucer for a balloon.

Aliens existing won’t change my beliefs, I already believe “Aliens” as we call them, exist. A massive empty universe makes zero sense.

Almost leaving my body, is enough for me to believe you aren’t just a body. Not to mention, Tonka visiting me. And others visiting me as well.

If Hell is under the Earth, how come we can’t see it? Under as in the planet, or underground? Different dimension?

Atheists apparently stay here. So you don’t go to Hell if an Atheist? If so, perhaps everybody should be an Atheist. At least if what religion says is a sin. But I doubt God wants to send an entire race to Hell. Don’t forget reincarnation.

Published on: 9 May
Posted by: Tom