The Steam Deck didn’t wake up for days

Think it was three days. Finally woke itself up today. When I wasn’t home. I did get a notification though.

Now the question is, who is waking it up? Seems odd for a software thing, as you’d think it would wake up everyday in that case. I could turn it off, but then I won’t have my uptime, I think it’s over 40 days.

Oh and that “software” problem effects, the Linux distro on my desktop, and my Mac mini running macOS. How did they all obtain the same software problem? Well, perhaps the Deck and Linux desktop. But doubtful the Mac mini shares the same code.

My old iPad may have gotten woke up too once. Not sure if it was because of a reminder or not. My phone has possibly got woken up too, without any reminder or anything.

Would be funny if I turned the Steam Deck off, and it got turned on. That would pretty much confirm, that it isn’t the software. Unless it isn’t 100% off.

I personally don’t believe love would exist without God. Nor that humans would still exist. Or ever exist in the first place. Evolution would take too long by itself, if it even is a thing. That doesn’t mean God modified us.

What would the point of love existing, if you just die and cease to exist? And how do you get many dimensions and many life forms without God? And if it’s a shared consciousness, how does that work without God?

Published on: 5 May
Posted by: Tom