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Looks like I’m never alone

Free will allows everybody to believe whatever they want. So I’m going to believe spirits are here, possibly almost all the time. Scientists will debunk everything, because they don’t want to exist after they die. Not everybody wants that. But free will allows them to believe that.

Published on: 3 December
Posted by: Tom

Looks like the love “theory” isn’t a theory, it’s the truth

The entire point of everything is love. If what I vaguely remember, actually happened, I think I was fully awake, but then eventually fell a sleep. Apparently my memory is so bad, it’s now vaguely remembered. I was laying in bed, and felt something through my body, love perhaps and/or heat. Then it felt like […]

Published on: 2 December
Posted by: Tom

Does dust have controlled steering like that?

All I did was go downstairs to wait for my dinner, apparently she should have stayed home, the roads are bad. Luckily, she made it home. I think she needed something for their snowblower. If that’s a bug, do flies look way bigger then they are on IR? I’m talking about the brightest/most solid light. […]

Published on: 1 December
Posted by: Tom

Monitor woke itself up at 12:06 AM

Perhaps they are trying to get my attention, without scaring me. Or there was a vibration, that is completely random. But the monitor has woke itself up, when watching paranormal stuff. That leads me to believe, somebody I can’t see is doing it. If you don’t believe in consciousness, or being able to travel back […]

Published on: 28 November
Posted by: Tom

Almost looks like it has wings

Too big to be a fly. Doubt it’s dust. And if it’s a bug, how did a bug bigger then a fly get in my apartment? I never see them when awake. Good at hiding.

Published on: 26 November
Posted by: Tom

The Hat Man: Documented Cases of Pure Evil

I only watched around 30 minute, no subtitles, means you can barely hear them. I don’t want to turn the volume up and down the entire time it’s on. The quality doesn’t look very good either, it says 2019 for when it was released. I doubt 1080p looked that bad from then. Some are Skype […]

Published on: 25 November
Posted by: Tom

Life to Afterlife: Death and Back

It’s on Prime Video, I think. Or get it from the open source site. But it may answer some questions about why some people reincarnate. My theory about not being ready, could be one reason. But the ultimate reason, is because God said so. And if you believe their stories, love is all that matters, […]

Published on: 23 November
Posted by: Tom

Why doesn’t everybody reincarnate?

Makes you wonder, if you get a choice. Either hauntings aren’t what anybody thinks, or not everybody reincarnates. And if not everybody reincarnates, how the fuck are babies still being born? God or somebody making more souls? A different species can no longer reproduce? Well, there is “rumors”, that an Alien species can’t reproduce anymore. […]

Published on: 23 November
Posted by: Tom

Did I finally get proof of something?

That isn’t dust. Too bright. A fly? Doubtful, they don’t have the ability to disappear like that. And whatever it is, wanted to be recorded. I didn’t need to keep everything after it disappears, I did cut before it appeared. An Alien? Proof you exist after dying? No idea. If you go to a different […]

Published on: 19 November
Posted by: Tom

The guy on Ancient Apocalypse isn’t open minded enough, to find what he seeks

He doesn’t believe actual giants walked the Earth. He probably doesn’t believe Aliens either. Good luck uncovering the past with a narrow mind. The mainstream whatever, that doesn’t like what he’s finding, he’s not much different from them. Why would they clearly say in the story, the giant had a hybrid baby with a human? […]

Published on: 18 November
Posted by: Tom