That answers why sometimes when I go to bed, I feel movement, like the bed moving

I finally asked Tonka, if she could go on the bed. Very quickly, after asking her, by speaking the words of course, I felt movement on the bed.

I figured out somehow, that all you have to do is ask, and she might go on the bed. Well, she probably told me. Or somebody else told me. That was a while ago, I just haven’t actually tried it yet. I think I automatically asked her to do it the first time, just like I automatically prayed to God asking to take good care of her. I can’t explain how that automatic stuff happens, at all. When I went to bed, I didn’t automatically do it. I think I may have woke up and automatically asked her to do it, when I figured out you just have to ask.

At some point, I need to ask my dad, to turn a screen on. If something turns on very quickly after asking, that basically confirms, he did it, and was the one most likely doing it in the past.

Good thing I’m already insane, so they won’t need to diagnose me with anything else, for believing what I believe.

I should also ask God, if they can do something about my depression. And if my depression is gone, or way less, the doctor won’t be able to explain it. Because doctors don’t believe in God apparently.

Republicans claim to believe in God though, so perhaps they will believe you?

She must be here a lot, well she also knows what I’m most likely going to do. So she may come here sometime before I do it. I think most spirits, are impatient.

Also, dogs love their person a ton, just like I love her a ton. I don’t think God or anybody else, intended for me to be destroyed when loved ones die though. That may be related to humans disconnect from their soul and God. Which also wasn’t intended to happen.

Published on: 11 June
Posted by: Tom