Monitor woke up at least two times while in bed

No idea why. The first time, was shortly after I went to bed. Or maybe right after I went to bed. I may not have been sleeping yet.

I did post something about I should ask my dad to wake something up. Perhaps that’s close enough to asking, to get somebody to do something.

In that case, I can confirm he’s waking it up.

Nothing wakes up for unknown reasons much anymore. I wasn’t expecting anything to be on the security camera. I did change the exposure, changing the brightness won’t completely fix it. I could probably keep the brightness at the default now. Apparently this camera, with a higher resolution, can’t auto expose as good as the other one. I just have it set to a day and night profile, turns to the night profile at 4:29 PM I think, until 10 AM.

But the exposure I changed it to, might be fine for all the time.

Good thing that worked, I don’t want to try finding IR lights to buy. I looked once, but the one I looked at, might be junk. Not even sure that would fix it anyways. If the exposure is wrong.

I might need a NVR, for some times, I have images, but no videos. Where’s the videos? Problem with NVR, is the one I want to use, probably requires the entire OS to be 64bit, and my Raspberry Pi only has a 64bit kernel, too lazy to reconfigure the entire thing. The Mac mini would be the best to use, but with FileVault on, nothing will auto load on rebooting. You have to manually login first, no auto logging in. Think that was on by default. I don’t intend on disabling it.

Published on: 12 June
Posted by: Tom