Tonka was on the bed last night

If what I vaguely remember happened. Right before I fell a sleep, I heard Tonka get on the bed, and I said “goodnight Tonka” and then “I love you Tonka”. Fell a sleep after that.

It wasn’t as automatic as some of the things I’ve said in bed. Still automatic, just not as automatic.

How did I know Tonka is who was getting on the bed? I think it was the beginning of the year, and all three dogs, and a cat visited me. I assume all three dogs were there. Probably obvious that Tonka is who was getting on the bed, it’s her bed, and her apartment, and we may have the strongest connection.

Oh and I also realized the other day, the reason deceased family interacts with me, is because I’d feel even worse if they didn’t. Somebody said they don’t usually interact with the living, as they don’t want to make grieving worse. Apparently, I feel worse with zero interaction. Since they can see the most likely outcome of what they want to do, they can see I’m probably going to feel worse, if they do nothing.

I think a psychic said that, probably the guy on Netflix. They should make more episodes of that show.

Still waiting for The Blackwell Ghost 8. When will it be released?

Published on: 15 June
Posted by: Tom