Well, I can’t see a fly on camera without IR on

There was just one in front of my computer.

And I look like I’m in fast motion. Either I need to change the Frame Interval or watch some other way. What is the default? 60? No idea.

Don’t follow Scrypted’s advice. I already don’t follow their codec advice.

Maybe it isn’t the Frame Interval, no idea. But never noticed until now. Maybe it’s missing frames, that means this 6 TB SMR I believe drive, is too slow.

The default might be 30, 120 too much.

Now I wonder what that video would have looked like, with the frame interval at 30.

And maybe that’s why screens getting turned on aren’t recorded anymore. It might take more work, to make it happen with 120 frame interval, which would suggest intelligence is behind it, like my dad.

Cameras set back to 30 frame interval. The internet said 30 is usually the default. Now to see if I messed up Scrypted. Probably. At least the streams that aren’t be transcoded.

Packet loss, but still works. Set max bitrate for stream 2 to 896 Kb/s. Seems to have fixed the packet loss.

It isn’t transcoding, so the bitrate is whatever the camera is set to for stream 2, even though in the console it says “Modified bitrate”, it doesn’t check if what it’s replacing is in the arguments. But if you compare it to the original, it should be the same.

If it’s transcoding, it changes the bitrate. You can add logic to the script, I’m too lazy.

Rebooted cameras, as it’s still too fast. Or was, waiting for video to finish recording. If that doesn’t fix it, then perhaps VLC is broken.

If you change the playback speed to slower, it might be more normal speed.

Maybe Wayland is broken, going to test SMPlayer. I had to kill mpv, as it made my computer lag. And my music. Uninstalled SMPlayer, you can use mpv without it, not sure it’s any better.

Oh it’s probably because I’m using Bluetooth headphones. But I think if I mute it, it’s still too fast. Changing the audio output in KDE doesn’t fix it. Would be out of sync maybe. Should see what YouToot looks like. It’s probably fine.

Not the frame interval or Wayland, most likely the exposure. Looked at videos from earlier, they are fine. Now to remove mpv as well, don’t need it.

So a shutter of 1/12 makes it brighter and faster.

How do you get it brighter without changing the shutter? Plenty bright at 1/30. Got to wait for a video. The camera feed on the camera looks fine though, even at 1/12 I think.

Appears to be fine now.

But I think that video was before I changed the exposure. And should have noticed sooner, as it recorded screens waking up, but one video I watched, was missing stuff. Either the shutter speed does something to video, or the camera can’t handle 1/12.

Well I can’t see a fly with the shutter set to 1/12 without IR. Not sure about 1/30, the fly went away.

And it should have motion blur, if you set it either too fast or too slow, I forgot what it said. Said to set it to double the FPS, which is probably why it’s too dark. If you want auto to work, you have to change it to 15 FPS I guess. Not sure any of that info applies to security cameras though.

Maybe replace it with a Hikvision camera. The auto exposure might work on it. This camera has a higher resolution then old camera, but exposes worse. Hikvision might get color night vision as well.

Published on: 15 June
Posted by: Tom