Is that a coincidence?

While looking at photos from security camera, I noticed the Steam Deck woke up when I was gone. And then the Steam Deck woke up again.

The Steam Deck can see what I’m doing? Apparently. That may be the first time it woke up at 7:58 PM though. I think that was the time.

I should probably update it at some point, well probably not an OS update available, but game updates, and a Steam client update. There’s never an OS update available when I check, not even sure why I check. I’m not sure if Just Cause 3 not working is Proton or the OS, it works on my Linux PC. Or it did last time I tried. Using a crack doesn’t make the game work either.

Takes Valve ages to fix anything, and if they still claim Just Cause 3 works on the Steam Deck, they are lying, it might work for some people, but not everybody. I have no idea why it works for some people.

Maybe I should try loading it disconnected from the internet. Probably already tried that though. I may have tried on somebody else’s WiFi. And they don’t have AdGuard Home, so nothing should be blocked by DNS. Or maybe I changed the DNS server on the Deck. But that’s probably not the problem, if it works on my Linux PC.

Published on: 27 April
Posted by: Tom