A New Science of Heaven

Bought that book from Kobo.com, I wanted the eBook, not on Amazon, or I couldn’t find the eBook on Amazon.

The news site is useless for books, at least some books, and I wonder if you search for “A New Science of Heaven” instead of “A New Science of Heaven: How the new science of plasma physics is shedding light on spiritual experience”, you’d find it. Too much work, easier to buy the book. Somebody shared the audio book of it, but the link is dead. And I’d rather read it, if I listen to a book, I’ll doze off, and not hear anything they say.

You can read it on the Kindle, you remove the DRM. I remove DRM to also keep the book forever. I’m not buying an eReader for every store. You can find the file that downloads the book under My Books, you need Adobe Digital Editions to get the book.

I use Calibre for managing my books. And DeDRM_tools to remove the DRM. I installed the Obok_plugin but didn’t use it, probably don’t need it.

You need a Mac or Windows to do it most likely, unless you get the key from either OS and then use it in Linux. I didn’t have to do anything to get the key. I just added the book to Calibre and it removed the DRM without me doing anything special. I only use my Windows VM, if nothing else works. I’ll use macOS over Windows any day. Maybe you can get the key from Android, you might be able to run Android in Linux somehow. I don’t like Android either though.

Kobo’s site was having issues, gateway timeouts and other errors. They should get better servers.

Glad I could remove DRM, beats paying $30+ for the printed book. Another book I want, isn’t on there though. I doubt any of the Earthfiles lady’s books are on there either. I have over 20 GB free on my Kindle.

I’ll read books once there’s nothing else to do, perhaps after the banks shutdown, and the government. I may need to go into hiding as well, since there won’t be any law enforcement anymore. Somebody might try and murder me. Thanks Trump. He may not be the president, but his reckless actions he did, have consequences. Apparently George Bush messed everything up too. Glad I don’t vote republican. All they care about is cutting taxes and nothing else.

Published on: 16 March
Posted by: Tom