Bluetooth isn’t the reason Steam Deck wakes up

Well, dmesg will tell you if something connected by Bluetooth. But I disabled Bluetooth, just to see, and it woke itself up again.

The only last thing to test, is if the internet is the cause, like a hacker. But it needs internet to download game updates, so I probably won’t test that.

But if it’s because it’s online, you can blame the NSA. That document, claims the Men In Black aren’t humans, or I think that’s what it says. I think I’ve heard they could be robots. I didn’t read all of that document. Didn’t download, cause you have to login, not that they don’t know I accessed it.

Now to go shit again. Damn Tomato Street. Damn me for eating it all at dinner time.

Update 3/16/23
It woke up two times so far today. I think it would still wake up with the internet disabled most likely.

Well, I don’t think the screen is being touched to wake it up. I just touched it, and it showed the password box. Need to test when the screen is off.

Maybe the Deck is as insane as me.

Considering the Mac mini has woken up on it’s own, it may be unexplainable. The Mac mini you have to click a button, moving the mouse won’t wake it up. Hmm, clicking the A button shows the password box too.

So how the fuck is it waking up? I think all the buttons show the password box, at least if the screen is awake. Does the Steam button wake it up? Cause no password box if you click that button.

Got to wait for the screen to sleep.

And the Steam button will wake it up, and no password box. So it can be woke up, without the password box showing.

Published on: 15 March
Posted by: Tom