Perhaps don’t watch the latest Earthfiles

Perhaps humans aren’t ready to know we were meant to be slaves. But then again, that could be misinformation.

There’s no way to know if anything she says is true.

But people being killed for talking about stuff is BS. Like from the last Ancient Aliens, apparently a guy remote viewed an Alien/human base, and ended up dead. They cremated him, and didn’t tell his wife he was dead. Sounds like somebody poisoned him. You might be able to confirm that story, well not the Alien/human base part, the part of him dying, and being cremated, without telling his wife. That leads me to believe he was telling the truth of what he saw.

And no God still doesn’t make sense, yes Aliens may want to control us. But how does love exist without God? Not to mention, Tonka visiting me. Supposedly God made a dimension only humans can enter. They might as well be a God, if they can do that.

But God asking why humans don’t do what they made us out of, love, the Reptilians aren’t contributing to anything we do? Well, also, humans easily make very bad choices.

Sounds like whoever created us to begin with, could have had good intentions. But who knows. There’s actually a story, that they originally wanted us as slaves. But why would God make such a mistake to make slaves to begin with? None of it makes any sense whatsoever.

Thanks to nukes, we may go extinct, so there goes their slaves. I wouldn’t be a good slave anyways. If nukes don’t do it, there’s still global warming.

Published on: 8 March
Posted by: Tom