How could giants have sex with humans?

If you look at the artwork or whatever, they are holding adult humans in their hands. How will their giant cock fit in a human pussy?

And why does Ancient Aliens really not want God to exist?

No God makes no sense. Multiple dimensions, lots of life, humans still exist somehow.

Now do those giants have trans women? Perhaps they come from the place that accidentally made this place.

Apparently 110Hz will tune you into them. How do I generate 110Hz to my brain? It has an actual brain change. But if I tune into them, I might be able to ask, if they have trans women. They claimed to be Gods in the past. I don’t see why Gods would have a blood and flesh body though. Perhaps we were too stupid for them to tell us they are Aliens. Or us in a different shell. Or they just want to be Gods. Or they are Gods incarnated into giants. But that near death experiencer, only saw one God. So how do you get tons of Gods if there’s only one God?

Well, it felt like somebody was by me in bed this morning. Probably Tonka, or a memory of Tonka doing that. I felt somebody on my back side. That’s where she was when it got really cold, I didn’t wake up, because she got on the bed, and kept me warm all night.

As far as I’m concerned, dogs sleep on beds. It isn’t my bed, it’s her bed. She could kick me off of the bed, even though I can’t see her. But she won’t, because she is made of love, and loves way better then humans.

They said giant human hybrids. That means they got humans pregnant. Either by sex, or a lab. The stories about that, seem to say sex. As they seem to be doing it, because they find human women attractive. Clearly they want sex. Oh wait, wanting sex? Aren’t Gods supposed to be better then humans? That is, they don’t have primitive urges. Or if they do, they can control themselves, and/or turn it off.

Published on: 17 March
Posted by: Tom